Solar Engineering, Procurement & Construction Services

  1. GAVAMS EPC team provides innovative and reliable solar energy solutions.
  2. We provide a complete spectrum of services for projects from viability studies to commissioning.
  3. GAVAMS is capable of managing a project through financing, engineering, procurement & construction
  4. Our team of experienced experts can provide Viability Studies, Financing, Permitting, Project Development, Engineering, Construction
  5. Simple EPC with Minimum Owner Effort, One Point of Contact, Uncomplicated to Monitor and Coordinate and Quality Assurance
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Domestic & Commercial Solar On-Grid Installation with Netmeter

1. Financial Credit for Extra Solar Power Produced

2. No Battery Storage System Needed

3. No Backup Generator for when Solar Power is Not Available

4. Seasonal Storage – Solar Power Produced in Summer Saves on Winter Costs

5. No Maintenance – Solar Power Without Hassles

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Power Backup: Choose Solar Off-Grid Inverters

  1. Energy Independent - Freedom from EB / Grid Power Supply
  2. Charge your Inverter Battery with Solar Power.
  3. Off-grid solar power gives financial freedom - No EB Bill.
  4. Off-grid system can be installed virtually anywhere, as long as there is sun.
  5. Battery comes with 5-years warranty and Maintenance free.
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Solar Water Heater

  1. One of the most efficient and cost effective methods for water heating.
  2. No fire, no fuel and no fumes.
  3. Residential, institutional, industrial water heating solutions
  4. Size your Solar Water Heater as per your requirement.
  5. Say Bye Bye to electricity bill
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